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Feeder Bowls

Vibratory feeder bowls are perhaps the most versatile cost effective orienting devices on the market due to their efficiency, reliability and durability. Our feeder bowls are available in 4" to a 36" diameter. The feeder bowl does the actual orienting and feeding.


Gravity and In-Line Tracks and Conveyors

The tracks are designed to maintain the part orientation and feed rate once the parts have exited from the feeder bowl's discharge.Gravity tracks are commonly used in high speed applications. Available in lengths of 4" to 120" together with an adjustable stand for accurate mounting with the feeder bowl discharge. High level sensors working in conjunction with the feeder bowl will ensure parts are present at all times.


The controller maintains an accurate, preset number of parts on the track by regulating the power supply of the feeder bowl and also warns of low part level in the feeder bowl. The controller is suitable for use with proximity or photo-electric sensors.


Escapements are custom designed and manufactured to meet the exact requirements of the installaton.


The hopper is the storage area used to backlog extra parts prior to entering the feeder bowl. The hopper eliminates a common problem - overloading of the feeder bowl. The various types of hoppers are trough, bin and elevating hoppers. They are available in .25 cu.ft to 10 cu.ft capacities.

Drive Units

Drive units produce a vertical and horizontal component of vibration - this is the source of vibration to the feeder bowl. They are mechanically and electronically tuned to the weight and mass of the feeder bowl.They vary in size from 4" to a 36" diameter and are usually square in construction. Our feeder bowls are equipped with standard dual coil drive units and controller. In-line drive units are available in various sizes to meet track length requirements.

Sound Enclosure

A sound enclosure reduces the noise level around the feeder bowl to less than 85 dB for compliance with safety regulations. The standard sound enclosure consists of a close fitting, heavy steel shell with convenient hinged inspection cover and easy access panels, all lined with a thick layer of efficient sound absorbing foam material.


As the drive unit's vibrations help to create movement in the feeder bowl, a very critical component of the Vibratory Feeding System is the supporting structure - the table. Made of a 3/4" - 1" thick steel base plate with structural square tube construction with adjustable heavy duty rubber isolation pads. The adjustable isolation pads are very important items as they absorb the vibration between the table and the floor.